What is a Thesis Statement and How to Write It?

Finally, it should provide enough information for readers to understand why the topic is important and how it relates to other aspects of life or knowledge. Writing a thesis statement that follows these guidelines can help ensure success when submitting your essay. People often confuse thesis statements with topic sentences, which start each body paragraph. Typically, the thesis statement is the final sentence in the introductory paragraph and acts as a “road map” for the rest of the paper. Writing a thesis statement requires time and careful thought.

The writer is required to take a lot of time and careful thoughts to ensure that the thesis statement flows naturally. College students should always remember that when writing a thesis statement, it should focus on the central idea, which can be reasonably covered within an estimated page length. With the information presented in this article, college students can easily differentiate the different types of thesis statements. They will also be familiar with the best examples of different types of thesis statements.

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The prompt asks you to analyze some aspect of the novel. Your working thesis is a statement of general appreciation for the entire novel. If your thesis simply states facts that no one would, or even could, disagree with, it’s possible that you are simply providing a summary, rather than making an argument.

types of thesis statements

Argumentative thesis statements are more interesting than factual thesis statements. They’re also more likely to lead to interesting, well-researched papers. An exploratory thesis statement simply introduces the topic and provides some initial thoughts on it. It tells the reader what you are going to explain and in what order. The Five point essay is simply that—an, essay which completes its goal in five points.

What are the 3 reasons in a thesis statement?

It should be short but informative, containing the overlook of the entire topic. The main stumbling block is to understand the purpose of a thesis statement in your piece of writing. In colleges and universities, the management used to add the “research methodology” as a compulsory subject just to help the students to write the valuable research paper. It is the condensed description of the whole article and after reading it the reader can understand the reason for writing the article.

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  • For you to score remarkable grades, you must come up with a quality thesis statement that will aid the readers in understanding the objectives of your paper without so much difficulty.
  • A thesis statement must be one sentence in length, no matter how many clauses it contains.
  • A thesis methodology justifies why you have chosen a specific approach to address your thesis question.

It is the argument or focus of the essay, as well as a great structuring tool. A thesis statement states the purpose of the essay, dissertation, research paper, etc. clearly and concisely and is generally written at the end of the introductory paragraph. Learn what is a thesis statement in detail and how to write a good thesis statement summarizing the main idea types of thesis statements of your essay. The topic should be something you know or can learn about. It is difficult to write a thesis statement, let alone a paper, on a topic that you know nothing about. Reflecting on personal experience and/or researching will help you know more information about your topic. The inconsistency of the thesis with the topic of the essay is another mistake.

Analytical thesis statement

A thesis methodology justifies why you have chosen a specific approach to address your thesis question. It explains how you will collect the data and analyze it. Above all, it allows the readers of your study to evaluate different types of hooks for essays its validity and reliability. A thesis statement must concentrate on a specific area of a topic. An analysis of course requirements in public schools suggests access to more electives can increase graduation rates.

It is usually written to analyze a specific topic, problem, or idea and present an argument based on the analysis. The main objective of an analytical thesis statement is to break down a complex subject into its component parts and evaluate each part individually. The thesis statement should provide a clear, concise, and well-supported argument that is backed up by evidence, examples, and logical reasoning. An expository thesis statement provides an explanation or clarification of a specific topic, problem, or idea.

Refine your Thesis Statement

It is one of the easiest essays to utilize, though quite difficult to master, and so appears often in timed writing assignments. A thesis statement must be precise enough to allow for a coherent argument and to remain focused on the topic. Another option is to think of a thesis statement as one complete sentence that expresses your position. Similarly, “The United Nations is incapable of preventing war” is closer to a thesis statement than the factual statement above because it raises a point that is debatable. But in this format, it doesn’t offer the reader much information; it sounds like the author is simply stating a viewpoint that may or may not be substantiated by evidence. We consulted these works while writing this handout.

  • Instead, it should focus on a specific issue that you can support with evidence from your research.
  • In essence, some of the challenges college students encounter when writing their thesis statements are making it debatable and specific.
  • Writing a thesis statement requires time and careful thought.
  • Argumentative thesis statements identify the writer’s position or point of view on a given topic.

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What Is the Difference Between a Strong and a Weak Thesis?

Being assertive and confident is crucial, especially in argumentative essays. An explanatory thesis statement, also known as an expository statement is evidence-based and depends on facts. This type doesn’t involve any personal opinions and explains everything about the topic with factual data. A thesis is the result of a lengthy thinking process. Formulating a thesis is not the first thing you do after reading an essay assignment. Once you do this thinking, you will probably have a “working thesis” that presents a basic or main idea and an argument that you think you can support with evidence.

Writing impressive thesis statements may be challenging for most college students. For you to score remarkable grades, you must come up with a quality thesis statement that will aid the readers in understanding the objectives of your paper without so much difficulty. Coming up with an impressive thesis statement requires the writer to think critically as well as be careful about the selection of words. The entire process is not only time-consuming but also requires a lot of effort.

Expository Thesis Statement

It is not difficult to guess what the aim of an argumentative thesis statement is. If you have been assigned to create an argumentative piece of writing, be ready to write a thesis of the argumentative type. A statement you will include at the end of the introduction is supposed to cover the major argument you are going to prove with the help of your work. Depending on the topic, it may focus on more than just one argument. It doesn’t matter whether you are assigned to write custom essay or a any other type of an academic paper, you should know how to craft a thesis statement.

types of thesis statements

This type of thesis statement neither supports claims nor does it encompass personal information that cannot be supported by evidence. In other words, it informs the readers what the topic is, the major concepts that will be presented, and finally, how it will be discussed. Through judging by the name of the thesis statement, it presents something common to an argument. An argumentative essay’s main focus is on presenting a strong argument by expressing sentiments on certain subjects and taking a stand thereafter. The body of your paper should aim at supporting your claims. As a writer, your thesis statement should always focus on the central idea, which originates from the selected topic.

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You may also notice that the statement is strong because it is not based on factual claims. These types of statements also force you as the writer to think from a very different point of view which is considered very important in advanced level writing. An explanatory thesis statement is based solely on factual information. It doesn’t contain personal opinions or make claims that are unsupported by evidence.

  • Too many words in your thesis can weaken your statement and confuse your reader.
  • You are not limited to a specific type of research so long as you possess the ability to argue out all your points in a logical manner.
  • As you develop your argument, you may find new evidence or arguments that challenge your original stance.
  • Usually it’s one sentence, but sometimes you can use two.
  • The reader should easily grasp whether your arguments are in support or against the topic.

It will be a direct answer to the question contained in the topic. Thesis statements will vary depending on the type of paper you are writing, such as an expository essay, argument paper, or analytical essay. A compare and contrast essay is intended to present the similarities or differences between two people or ideas or things, etc. This type of thesis statement introduces the reader to the result of the comparison and the significance of the contrast. The length of a thesis statement depends on the type of written work and the specific requirements of the assignment. However, as a general rule, a thesis statement should be concise and to the point.